Copeland Discus™ compressors are the leader in the commercial refrigeration industry, combining world-class efficiency and reliability.  With its unique valve design, grueling life testing and 25 years of field experience, Discus compressors deliver best in class performance.


Dependable, High-Performing Industrial Refrigeration Compressors

Emerson has the expertise needed to address today's increasingly complex cooling applications with Vilter™ Products. Tonnage requirements, client specifications, and space restrictions can vary significantly from application to application.  However, the need for a refrigeration system that will minimize operating costs and maintain vital process temperatures is standard.

Supreme Energy Efficiency

The compressor is responsible for the vast majority of energy usage in a refrigeration system. The Copeland Scroll, with its compact, lightweight design, simple internal suction and discharge, and 70% fewer moving parts, generates unsurpassed reliability and energy savings.

1/8–5 HP Copeland™ hermetic compressors are dependable, cost-effective and versatile. A wide spectrum of operating ranges and hundreds of available models make these compressors an optimal selection for every refrigeration need.