What electricity benefits?

The electrician intervenes for all electrical work. Beyond the actual electrical installation, the services offered by this professional building are numerous. Discover them in this guide.


                Maintenance of the electricity network

Having your electrical installation serviced by a professional is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Proper maintenance will indeed ensure the proper functioning and therefore the longevity of your installation and avoid any failure that could have serious consequences for the safety of the property and people. You can do this by signing a maintenance contract.

                            Electrical connections

Connecting your installation to the network is the job of a professional. It will connect your indoor electrical installation to the public distribution network. As for the connections of the different elements and cables of your indoor electrical installation, they must also be made by an electrician in compliance with a certain number of basic rules, including the NFC 15-100 standard.

                            Electrical troubleshooting

An electrical failure can occur at any time, depriving you of electricity. It can be due to a defective device, an obsolete installation or standards not respected. To ensure your safety, we do not recommend that you repair your fault yourself. You could start a fire or electrocute yourself.

For your electrical troubleshooting, call a professional who will determine the cause of the failure (global or local). This will test the various elements of the installation to determine the source of the problem and repair the fault.


                        The renovation of electrical installation

We use more and more technologies working with electricity, the proper functioning of the electricity network therefore contributes to our comfort and our safety. If your electrical equipment no longer meets standards or often breaks down, or if your installation is older than 1991, an electrical renovation is required. It must necessarily be performed by a professional. The latter will conduct a study of the existing network, its reliability and its possible flaws.

Depending on the diagnosis, a renovation is implemented, which can be partial - it will only target one or more rooms - or total, with removal of the installation and establishment of a new network compliant with the standard NFC 15-100